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FUN times! Playful Accessories


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Play date fun filled with laughter and joys, made from giggles, tickles and toys.

For some extra fun, we recommend pairing this with any of our Cutesy Characters or Where the Wild Things Grow Collections.
21 Chic Fabric Stickers includes:

  • 1 Hippy Van
  • 1 Cutesie Car
  • 1 Dangy Bicycle
  • 1 Dotty Umbrella
  • 4 Piece Hot Air Balloon: 1 Basket, 1 Balloon, 2 connector wires
  • 3 Cotton Candy Clouds
  • 2 Flying Kites
  • 1 Single Balloon
  • 1 Triple Balloon Set
  • 6 Straight Strings – Used for Kite and Balloon lengthening strings

Character Height:
Hippy Van is about 40” – all other stickers scaled proportionately accordingly.