Buy more. save more. Always $14.95* shipping
Buy more. save more. Always $14.95* shipping

It’s a start; however small it may be.

It’s a start to transform the notion of buying and to re-define the process of manufacturing.  It’s a new philosophy of business that incorporates the old philosophy of helping.  

With every set of Pop & LolliTM  chic ‘experience-design’ decals you purchase, (It’s) Chic 2 ChangeTM will provide educational materials and resources to positively influence a South African child in need.

Pop & LolliTM for (It’s) Chic 2 ChangeTM is partnering with a wonderful South African charity to promote and highlight the difference every individual can make where children in need thrive, not just survive. Together we are providing individualized family care for the most vulnerable children of South Africa.

(It’s) Chic 2 Change.

Enjoy, Experience, Appreciate & Love, to Provide Hope & Chance.

Be Chic & Help to Change.

 About Acres of Love: 

 Every child deserves a family.  We offer children, once orphaned and abandoned, a Forever Family Home. 

Acres of Love is a global movement of compassionate individuals, private and public foundation, churches, and corporations who have embraced an entrepreneurial approach to solving the orphan crisis in South Africa.  Moving away from institutional model of orphan care, we work to enable and empower children to thrive, not just survive. 

The mission of Acres of Love is to rescue and care for children abandoned or orphaned due to AIDS, abuse, and extreme poverty in South Africa. We serve the most vulnerable population of children in South Africa. Many come to us on the brink of death, with substantial emergency medical needs that require immediate proactive intervention. A growing number of children are designated to us due to our ability to receive children with complex special needs and provide them with the highest possible care. At this time over 38% of our children have moderate to severe special needs.

(It’s) Chic 2 Change!

Enjoy, Experience, Appreciate & Love, to Provide Hope & Change

The more you enjoy and buy - the more hopeful kids we can help.

Please join hands and help me, help you, help them.