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Born and raised proudly South African with an intuitive passion for color, design and dreaming BIG, I moved to California to earn a very non-conventional Masters in Architecture. I then followed my dream and became a Walt Disney Imagineer. And after 4 years of dreaming much and imagining theme parks, my husband and I received the joyful news that we were expecting our very first munchkin.

Being a Mod Mom with a desire for GOOD design, highly appreciative of (multi)functional products, and a flair for laughter and fun, I was at a loss of what to do in my little girl’s very first room of her own! Scouting the world wide web for days in search of the ultimate nursery ©cor produced nothing awesome. Nothing extraordinary. Nothing fun. And nothing funky. 

I already imagined the headlines: "Designer Mom’s first child goes bare naked against the walls!" It was quite the predicament! Nothing fit this mom’s dream just right. Too small. Too blah. Too nothing. Too ordinary.

I believe in impact. And to make an impression, size can definitely help! I had walls – FOUR BIG ONES - staring at me. I just knew that to create the fabulous design experience I imagined, I needed:

 funky and fun designs which was playful and cheery and COLO(U)RFUL

 a design flexible to grow with her

 and, of course, all encompassing design BIG enough to truly create an immersive environment

I like to call it my PICTURE POETRY. Experiencing design as an opportunity for expression and exploration – something every kid deserves.

So, this Mod Mom decided to take action and imagineer the ideal dream for experience-design. It was a massive hit.


And now you can have it too!