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Colorful thoughts made from laughs & coughs and clowns & frowns.

18 Chic Fabric Stickers includes:

  • 6 Give-me-some-Love Hearts
  • 3 I Heart YOU Text Bubbles
  • 1 Text Bubble Each of:
  • Special, Cutie, Sweetie, Wish, Haha, Giggle, Funny, Booh, Growl

Character Height:
Varying from about 4 ” –  12”

Use as a single design for simple fun, or combine various favorites to add some funky & spunky to any room for an interactive experience. PICTURE POETRY unique in its concept and application you create your own fabulous & flexible artistic mural constantly changing as your mood depicts and time evolves.


With every set of pop & lolli's chic 'experience-design' decals you purchase, (it's) chic 2 change will provide educational materials and resources to positively influence a South African child in need..


Your order will arrive looking like this on a sheet size of 36” x 26”.  It will be in a well-protected poster tube, which is recommended for storing the backing paper in.

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