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Catalogue - Product type - Stickers - Merry munchkins

removable. reusuable. repositional.

Witty and Bright. This Iconic World Map is personality filled and much of a landmark sight.

1 Chic Fabric Sticker include:
• 1 World Map, available in two ready-to-ship sizes:
Medium 50” x 45”
Extra Large 94” x 80”

Please note, the fabric we print on is white. All white areas on design are unprinted fabric. This white to appear most stark, clear and crisp on white or lighter colored painted walls.

Character Height:

Laughter & Fun, this chatty Street Scene is made of giggles, jiggles and party-a-roos!

18 Chic Fabric Stickers include:
• 2 Flickering Lampposts Tall & Wide
• 16 Piece Bunting, 13 Colorful Check flags, 3 piece string with knot ties

Character Height:
Lampposts are approximately 42” tall

Ferociously Fantastic, these Fun Fetti Dots are sure to make some funky spunky out of anything dull. Made with fairy breath and sparkle wind.

84 Chic Fabric Stickers include:
• 4 Circles each of 21 different grading color variations ranging from yellows, to pinks, to blues to purples to greens

Character Height:
Circles are 2” in diameter

Noble & Nice, this Noah’s Ark is made from faithfulness, kindness, gentleness, goodness, peace, love and joy. Rainbow Promise and Rainy Day Drops purchased separately additionally.

48 Chic Fabric Stickers include:
• 1 Ark Bow Bottom
• 1 Ark House Top with Canopy and Porthole
• 48 Waves of the Sea & Ocean Mist Bubbles to build your own sea as you wish

Fancy & Fabulous, these airplanes and helicopter take feather-light flight, made with frosting, fun and flair.

6 Chic Fabric Stickers include:
• 1 Pep The Single Prop Plane
• 1 Aero The Acrobatics Plane
• 1 Hans The Helicopter
• 3 Cotton Candy Clouds

Character Height:
Air Planes are approximately 52” wide

Toys & Joys, this fabulous Big Top Tent is made with candy canes and sugar pop!

3 Chic Fabric Stickers include:
• 2 Tent pieces, left and right
• 1 Flag Topper

Character Height:
Tent is about 56” high

Dashing & daring, this Pirate Boat is made of wood barrel smells and massive ocean swells. Please note this does not include the Cotton Candy Clouds as depicted in the picture and can be purchased additionally here.

49  Chic Fabric Stickers including:

•    3 piece Pirate Boat includes: Boat, Mast & Skull Flag
•    46 Waves of the Sea & Ocean Mist Bubbles to build your own sea as you wish

Smilin’ & Stylin’, made without whinin’.
39 Chic Fabric Stickers includes:  

Darling Divine, made from something Oh! SO fine!
28 Chic Fabric Stickers includes:

Please note this collection includes the Glitzy Girls accessories only.  It does not include the actual Glitzy Girls themselves, they can be purchased additionally here.

Mermaid Mia:

Awesomely courageous, these Brave Boys are made of snips and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails. And for the ultimate experience, pair them with the Funky & Fun, Fit me out! BOYS Accessories for some fun flair and imaginary play.

11 Stickers including:

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