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Delightfully BIG and perhaps awesomely fierce, these Dinosaurs are sure to keep you safe from any force. Made from courage, fearlessness and strength. And ready for some change?! Then turn them into Dragons with their included accessories! Lacey Clouds, and Rolling Hills as shown on some photographs are purchased separately additionally.

Fabulously stylish and simply gorgeous, The Shy Sheepies are made of argyles and sophistication too.

7 Chic Fabric Stickers include:
• 7 Shy Sheepies: Pops & Pookie & Pom and Trooper & Dooper and Zoey & Cloey

Character Height:
Varying between 8”-15”.

Fabulously stylish and simply gorgeous, The Grazing Cows are made of tartans and checks and sophistication too.

8 Chic Fabric Stickers include:
• 5 Calm Cows: Duke & Des and Gogo & Gagga & Goo
• 3 Pretty Piggies:La-La & Ling & Long

Character Height:
Varying between 8”-33”.

Brilliantly sweet, these Deer-n-Hedgehogs are made of sunlight rays, moonbeams & stars so bright.

9 Chic Fabric Stickers include:
• 3 Cool Hedgehogs: Snap & Crackle & Pop
• 4 Darling Deer: Tinkle & Twinkle, Teedle-Dee & Tweedle-Doo
• 1 Party Mouse: Pat
• 1 Sweet Squirrel: Flash

Character Height:
Varying between 6”-32”.

Witty and Bright. This Iconic World Map is personality filled and much of a landmark sight.

Available in 2 Ready to Ship Sizes:
Medium Option - $191
Large Option - $457

Brilliantly sweet, these Bears-n-Bunny Rabbits are made of sunlight rays, moonbeams & stars so bright.

11 Chic Fabric Stickers include:
• 6 Fanciful Bunnies: Ding & Dong, Ring & Ting, Sparkle & Flair
• 5 Stylish Bears: Dandy, Star & Dot, Teensie & Tiny

Character Height:
Varying between 11”-26”.

Ready, Set, GO! Fast & Frantic, you can build your own racing set as you wish. Made from speed and excitement, the opportunities are endless for any racecar enthusiast.

23 Chic Fabric Stickers include:
• 5 Large Straight Road Pieces
• 4 Medium Straight Road Pieces
• 1 Roundabout Circle
• 4 Medium Quarter Curves
• 2 Large Quarter Curves
• 3 Lane Numbers: 1 / 2 / 3
• 2 Racing Trucks
• 1 Racing Car

Fancy & Fabulous, these airplanes and helicopter take feather-light flight, made with frosting, fun and flair.

6 Chic Fabric Stickers include:
• 1 Pep The Single Prop Plane
• 1 Aero The Acrobatics Plane
• 1 Hans The Helicopter
• 3 Cotton Candy Clouds

Character Height:
Air Planes are approximately 52” wide

Bubbling, Bobbling & Floating, these Dancing Duckies knows some about a disco, cha-cha and tango. Made from soap and shampoo, they sure know how to keep everyone happy, clappy and clean!

12 Chic Fabric Stickers include:
• 4 Anterior Views
• 2 Left Lateral Views
• 2 Right Lateral Views
• 2 Posterior Views
• 2 Dorsal Views

Character Height:
Each Dancing Ducky is about 8” tall

All aboard the Choo Choo Train!  Made from laughter and fun and dreams-come-true, riding this Choo Choo Train you can wave your friends adieu.

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